“ I’ve been designing since Photoshop has been Photoshopping.
Jessi Miller
Jessi Miller

Photoshop was founded just before Jessi started at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for her degree in Advertising Design, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Jessi is an experienced visual communicator with over 30 years experience in the roles of Creative Director, Art Director, Designer and Fine Artist. Her career has spanned advertising agencies and publications as well as branding design for a host of individual clients. Jessi has won over 40 ADDY and FMA awards in all of these facets of visual communication and has left a trail of happy clients and high quality work. 

She currently is Creative Director at Ocala Magazine Publishing, where she and her team of design, photography and editorial creatives put stories together for readers and create business for advertisers.

Along with the magazine, Jessi keeps busy with freelance design work helping clients tell their stories on multiple mediums to reach customers, voters, donors and audiences.

Jessi thrives as a creative in fast-paced environments and is passionate about always growing and continuing to do even better work. She is also passionate about working with others — learning from them as well as teaching and guiding them. Her diplomatic and inspiring nature as well as strong communication and presentation skills all speak to her value in leading and participating on creative teams, giving or taking direction. 

Jessi strongly believes in contributing to community and giving back to the world as well. 

Her motto is, “Saving the world, one design at a time.”


It’s been said...

She is consistent, dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful, and a pleasure to work with. She has incredible creative energies and a refreshing idealism balanced with a firm sense of pragmatism which enables her to focus on setting and accomplishing goals. I can say without a doubt that her efforts helped make Special Publications what it is today. I highly recommend her for any position of work, leadership, or any other capacity in which she can spread her excitement and share her talents with others.”
Jaime Mark
(Then) Creative Director, Special Publications
There are a few important things to consider when hiring a graphic designer. #1. Is this person talented? Does she have that creative edge that will make your product or service stand out? #2. Is she reliable? Can you count on her to get the job done...on time and on budget? #3. Will you enjoy working with this person? Will she connect with you and execute your vision...maybe even better than you imagined? If this is what you’re looking for - you’ve found the right person. Jessi balances her passionate, artist persona with an outstanding work ethic and desire to exceed customer expectations. She is truly a joy to work with.”
Cindy Grimes
(Then) Publisher of Family Times Magazine
“Jessi is so talented, patient, versatile and enthusiastic. Her mind is always designing - she finds the beauty and bold message in everything she does. Being in advertising sales, you sometimes worry about your ad, but with Jessi I’ve had complete confidence that the ad will be gorgeous, on message and on time. I never recommend anyone lightly - I boldly and strongly recommend Jessi for anything that requires creativity. She makes me look good on a daily basis - and I thank her!”
Shaun Eldridge
(Then) Marketing Specialist, Ocala Magazine
“In the world of creative graphic designers, Jessi is an absolute breath of fresh air. She designs with a keen knowledge and diverse background, taking the time to involve herself with the subject matter. Her product is consistently of the highest quality.”
Cath Checker
(Then) Marketing Representative, Salem Radio Network